Michael Eckblad is a Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artist whose work spans the performed to the visually formal, often creating actions that incorporate light, cameras, object-making, systems, and installations to engage audiences’ lived experiences. The art actions themselves are grounded in specific moments and localities but remain accessible in their afterglow. Eckblad’s process proceeds in contrast to CGI and fantasy-making; it is essential that these moments truly exist(ed) for us to gain access to the work. They participate in real time, privileging those present to witness, but remaining as ephemera for a broader audience. Themes of civics, liberty, empathy, history, technology, philosophy, wonder, and faith guide the content of any given work and ground the experience. His use of illumination and color form threads of aesthetic continuity across his body of work.

He holds an MFA in Sculpture from Yale University and a BS from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Please email for CV or résumé.